Name: Lowell Vaughn
Birthday: March 22, 1972
The Challenge
  • 320 push-ups
  • 320 sit-ups
  • 32 pull-ups
  • Lift 32,000 lbs at the gym
  • Run 3.2 miles in 32 minutes
  • Complete 2 laps of the "hill of life", with a 32 lb pack, in 32 minutes
  • Pet 32 dogs
  • Eat 32 thin mint cookies
  • Eat 3.2 Freebirds' Burritos
  • Drink 3.2 Red Bulls in 3.2 minutes
  • Drink 3.2 beers
  • Drink 3.2 cocktails

On March 20th, I'll be doing my birthday challenge. You might be wondering, What is a birthday challenge? For those who are too lazy to visit the last link, a birthday challenge is a combination of challenges. They can be physical, mental, eating, drinking, or whatever. Traditionally, your age should play in to each area some how. As you can tell, I'll be 32. I'm going to try 12 different challenges, some of which should be simple, some I give myself less than a 50% chance of doing.

I'll be doing all of this in 24 hours (from midnight to midnight). Unless there's a specific time limit, I can take as long as needed to do any of these challenges, and they can be broken into sets. Here are some random thoughts about each of the 12 challenges:

320 push-ups: Should be possible, I'll probably do 16 sets of 20 through out the day
320 sit-ups: Should be easy. If training continues to progress, I should be able to do 4 sets of 80
32 pull-ups: A bit more of a challenge, but I should be able to do this in 4 sets
Lift 32,000 lbs at the gym:

Basically, each rep of n pounds counts towards the total. If I were a real man, I would do this without doing any leg presses. But since I'm a wimp, I'll probably go ahead and do some.

I was really tempted to turn this one into 32 tons, but then I remembered the song about "16 tons, and what do you get?", and decided that if there's a song about it, it must be cool. So 16 tons it is.
Run 3.2 miles in 32 minutes: A few years ago, this would have been easy, but I haven't been running in a couple of years, so this could be a challenge. I'll really have to train for this one. I'm not sure if I'll do this indoors at the gym (where there's a little 10th of a mile track) or outdoors at some school. I'll have to find a good outdoor track if I do that.
Complete 2 laps of the "hill of life", with a 32 lb pack, in 32 minutes: Harder than it sounds. For those who aren't familiar with it, the hill is at the end of the Barton Creek green belt. It's about 0.4 miles long, and has about 280 feet of elevation change (if someone will loan me at GPS, I'll get a better number for that elevation change). It's quite steep and rocky.

I tried it without a pack, and can do 2 laps in 29 minutes. I'm not sure how much the pack will slow me down, not to mention that I'm planning on doing this after the gym and after the run. I might have to "jog" on some of the smoother, shallower down-hills in order to make up some time. That should be fun with a pack.

Pet 32 dogs: Lizzy won't count towards this total. I'll go to Town Lake Shelter to do this one. I figure they need the loving more than other dogs.
Eat 32 thin mint cookies: Should be easy, and fun!
Eat 3.2 Freebirds' Burritos: I can do this. It'll probably be split over lunch and dinner. I'm seriously considering switching to Chipotle Burritos, since I have a feeling I might not feel like eating whatever I do on this part of the challenge again for a while, and I'd rather give up Chipotle than Freebirds'.
Drink 3.2 Red Bulls in 3.2 minutes: Clearly, this will be one of the early morning activities. After some people have expressed concern on this one, I've done some research about the contents of Red Bull, the amount of caffeine and other materials, and this should be safe. It's about a six-pack of Diet Coke's worth of caffeine, and anyone who seen me drink diet coke knows this won't be a problem. The other ingredients in the drinks should be safe in those quantities too.
Drink 3.2 beers: No problem. I'm planning on Shiner Bock, but I'm open to suggestions.
Drink 3.2 cocktails: Probably at least one Martini, and one Single Malt Scotch. Again, I'm taking suggestions.