Name: Lowell Vaughn
Birthday: March 22, 1972
The Challenge
  • 320 push-ups
  • 320 sit-ups
  • 32 pull-ups
  • Lift 32,000 lbs at the gym
  • Run 3.2 miles in 32 minutes
  • Complete 2 laps of the "hill of life", with a 32 lb pack, in 32 minutes
  • Pet 32 dogs
  • Eat 32 thin mint cookies
  • Eat 3.2 Freebirds' Burritos
  • Drink 3.2 Red Bulls in 3.2 minutes
  • Drink 3.2 beers
  • Drink 3.2 cocktails

On March 20th, 2004, I did my Birthday Challenge. Here's what I thought it would be like before hand.
5:55 - I had trouble sleeping the night before, so I got up before my alarm clock. I woke up with a headache, which I took to be a bad sign. I popped 3 advil, and got some diet coke in me, which always seems to help things out. I decided to start the day off with some push-ups in the hopes of getting them out of the way. I also had some thin-mints for breakfast.
7:45 - Met up with Vasanti and Rick and headed over to the track. The headache was mainly gone by this point. Other than a couple of training runs in the last couple weeks, I hadn't too much in the last couple of years, so I was worried about this one. Rick noted that if someone was going to make a fool of, and possibly injure, themselves, he felt an obligation to watch. I had to do 13 laps of the local Middle School track. The first lap started off way too fast (about 20 seconds too fast) but managed to slow it down a bit after that. Everything was great until lap 9, when my stomach started to cramp up. By lap 10 I was doing great time wise, but was in a good deal of pain. By lap 11 the pain had leveled off (it wasn't getting any worse), and by lap 12, the end was close enough I no longer cared. I fished in 29:28 (lower than my personal goal of 30 minutes (which just didn't fit in with the whole 32 thing, so became 32 minutes)).
8:15 - Head home, eat a banana and some more thin mints, and do more pushups. I had originaly planned to head over to Town Lake at this point, but some last minute research nixed that idea (they don't open until 11:30). Hung around the house getting ready for the evening's festivities and doing more sets of pushups. I manage to finish 8 of the 16 sets of pushups -- half way there (I was also done with 1 tube, or 17, Thin Mints). About 9:30 I called Nick and headed down to the Hill of Life.
10:05 - Nick is waiting when I get down there. We put the packs on (me a 32 pounder, Nick, since he's of tender years, a 28 pound pack). I borrowed both packs from Rob "Slappy?" Norris, and loaded then up with normal books, yellow pages (I knew they had to be good for something), coins and pillows to fill up the packs. We started down, jogging the first part of the hill (about down to the point where it got step enough that running down wearing a pack, with it being slightly muddy would be really flirting with disaster. (Note, normally I don't mind flirting with disaster, or even causually dating it, but there was a lot left to do).

Made it down to the bottom in about 5:45, which is much better than on my practice run. Managed to jog the last bit of the down hill, and the first hundred yards of the up-hill. Nick offered to "run" ahead and get an action shot of me coming up to the top of the hill. This is where having someone who's in better shape than you doing the challenge really helps out. Not only could he get the photo, but having him moving faster really motivated me to pick up the pace. He even had the common decency to be breathing hard when he passed me. Finished the first lap well ahead of pace, and turned around and headed right back down, managing to jog again after about 100 yards. Nick caught up with me by the time I got to the bottom (it may have been sooner, but I was breating too hard to hear anyone coming up behind me). He again passed me on the way up, and managed to get pictures of me finishing. I also ran into Bonnie (who was one half of the birthday's at a party I had attended the week before) who was heading down, but I didn't recogize her (I only met her once before) at the time (but she mentioned to it Bill, who was at my party that night). Total time, 28:24, which I credit to Nick for being so fast.

11:00 - Nick and I headed over to Freebird's to grab 1.2 Burritos. I had a veggie burrito, and Nick had 0.8 dark meat check burritoes with some spicy-assed sauce on it. I had the other 0.2 of course. This was also the strangest look of the day from the woman behind the counter ("Do you want me to split that in half?", "No, 1/5th and 4/5th's please", "Are you sure?", "Quite" -- at that point you could tell she wanted this strange man to go away...soon).
11:30 - After the burritos, Nick kindly timed my 3.2 Red Bull's in 3.2 minutes. I figured this would be no problem, despite perdictions that my head would explode, or I'd have a heart attack, or some such. Turns out it was a problem, but not for any of the reasons people predicted. I had been keeping them in the fridge the last couple of days, and had them on ice in a cooler, which lead to a major "brain freeze" when I drank them quickly. I managed to finish them off in 2:15, and spent a couple of minutes waiting to be able to think again.
11:45 - I headed over to Town Lake to visit the dogs. 32 times in a row, I went from being a stranger, to being the coolest person in the whole world, to being a nasty, evil person for leaving the dog there and not taking it home. The good news was that there where a lot of empty kennels there and they didn't seem to be anywhere near capacity, which is good for doggy life expectency.
1:00 - Got to the gym, knocked out the pull-ups and sit ups (sets of 8 and 80, respectivly). Everything was feeling really good at this point (I'm attributing it to the Red Bull). I then set off to finish the pushups. I started off doing a set, waking a lap of the small, indoor track, doing a set, etc. Towards the end, it became walk two laps, do a set, walk two laps, etc. But I managed to knock them out without having to resort to doing half sets.

I then moved on to the lifting of 32,000 pounds. I did the whole thing without leg presses (in fact, only doing 25% of the total pounds with my legs. None of the weights where all that impressive, but I managed to finish everything. I also took my time to allow lunch to digest beforead heading back down to Freebirds.

Lift Sets Weight Total Running Total
Lat Pulldowns 4x15 100 9,000 9,000
Leg Extensions 5x10 100 5,000 14,000
Bench Press 4x10 150 6,000 20,000
Seated Rows 3x20 100 6,000 26,000
Leg Curls 3x10 100 3,000 29,000
Incline Bench Press 3x10 100 3,000 32,000
4:00 - Headed back down to Freebirds to finish up there. Got a one steak burrito, and one white meat chicken burrito. Washed them both down with the diet coke. Funny enough, after lifting, and without any spicy sauce, the two at dinner went down easier than 1.2 did at lunch. I fished up and headed home to finish getting ready for the party and finish the thin mints.
5:00 - Get home, finish the second tube of mints (another 17, so I went over, I couldn't leave 2 thin mints uneaten, it would have been un-American. After some last minute setting stuff out, cleaning up, and creative peep, arranging, folks started arriving. I finished up my 3.2 cocktails (Some Macallan, a Gin and tonic, a taquilla sunrise, and 0.2 martinis (compelte with 0.2 olives). Had my 3.2 beers (a Shinner, a Warstiner, an Abita Amber, and 0.2 Harps, weighed out by Dan Davis). I finished with 31 minutes to spare (had I been on top of things, or sobber, I would have tought to finish 32 minute early). Oh well, maybe next year.